Q) Why can't I just hook two power cable adaptors to my power source?
A) When you have two torches hooked up at the same time, you loose 50% of the high frequency through the unused torch.  Generally operators will then experience problems with high frequency arc starting and increase the high frequency intensity to compensate for the loss.  This eventually burns out the high frequency arc starting circuit creating a costly repair and unnecessary downtime.  Not to mention that the extra torch is live, and a shock and electrocution hazard.  Our system safely isolates the standby torches and delivers 100% of the high frequency arc starting current.

Q) If I get your system, do I have to have a torch at all three positions?
A) No.  There is provision to bypass a position that is not in use.

Q) Someone told me that I could use quick-disconnects to change torches.  Can I?
A) With quick-disconnects it is still not as fast or as easy as changing torches with a VERSA-Tig™ system.  Most companies that start out that way end up calling us in three to six months to order a Versa-Tig™ system and trash what they originally created.  They complain of burned out torches-due to misconfigurations, arc starting problems due to high frequency loss, changing out contaminated worn quick-disconnects, the rats nest of cables, hoses, fittings and torch storage problems.  Our system offers a neat professional long term solution that you can be proud of.  Your customers will be impressed with your equipment and your broad range of capabilities.  You can just "dial in" the torch you want.  It doesn't get any easier than that.  And the easier it is, the more willing you are change torches, instead of cheating a weld with the torch you already have connected.

Q) Can I use dcen, dcep and ac polarities through your systems?
A) Yes.  Our system was designed for it.

Q) Do I still control my current settings on the power source?
A) Yes.  Our system directs and isolates the current.  It does not regulate it.

Q) Can I install an air-cooled tig torch with a water cooled torch?
A) Yes.  There are provisions within our system to bypass the coolant at the air cooled torch position.

Q) Could I use a cable and attach a stinger for stick welding at one of the torch positions?
A) Yes, no problem.

Q) I work on some light gauge .010 thick stainless projects, will low amps be any problem?
A) No.  These systems were specifically engineered to have excellent current and high frequency starting characteristics from 1 thorough 400 amps.

Q) What if I need different gases for different torches?
A) We have a "Multiple Gas Source Valve" option that will allow you to use and select between three separate regulated gas sources.  It mounts on the upper right hand side back-plain of our system.

Q) Can I set my system on top of my power source?
A) Yes for the VTSL-3200 air cooled torch system.  But we don't recommend that for the VTSL-3400 water cooled torch system.  If a coolant hose were to rupture, you could have a serious problem.  We offer an optional "System Mounting Bracket", that allows our system to be mounted from the left or right side of a power source or straight out from a wall.

Q) How long can I expect your system to last?
A) We have customers that purchased systems from us fifteen years ago that tell us there system looks great and functions as good as new.  In fact most of our repeat customers buying additional systems want reassurance that we haven't changed anything!

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