Versa-Tig™ system
shown with torches, TCO & MGSV options

VERSA-TIG™ Systems allow a multiple number of air and or water cooled TIG torches to be permanently installed on a single power source and then selected in one second.  VERSA-TIG™ Model VTSL Series Systems are manually controlled at the front panel by rotating a single lever that simultaneously directs and isolates the secondary current, high frequency, coolant and gas to the selected torch only.

These systems are universal and can be used with any brand of tig torch and power source.  Three torch positions systems are standard.  You can use just two of the three positions if you wish.  Optional four and five position systems are also available within the same size housing.  Air and water cooled torches can be combined on water cooled models.

Practical where torch configuration, torch size, material type, material thickness or joint geometries change from task to task.  Proper torch selection will improve welders skill, weld quality, reduce incidents of rejects and rework, and production rates will increase.  Once a welder can choose and change torches effortlessly, they will use the most appropriate torch for every task they encounter.

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shown mounted over a Miller Dynasty® power source above a tig runner cart.

Two new System Mounting Brackets (SMB 2-350/400 & SMB 2-700/800) are available for mounting a Versa-Tig™ System directly over Miller's Dynasty® & Maxstar® 350, 400, 700, & 800 power sources.  The bracket is also a tray that supports the system and serves as a secondary containment tray with drain hose for coolant leak protection and collection.  Torch Holder Brackets (THB) and Cable Holder Brackets (CHB) finish out this compact versatile package.  Shown here with options and torches.  Dynasty® & Maxstar® are trademarks of Miller Electric Mfg Co.

Model for higher amperage applications
VTSL-3600 VERSA-TIG™ System

A 600 amp @ 60% Duty Cycle,
500 amp continuous duty three position system.
This is ideal for use on the Dynasty® & Maxstar® 700’s/800’s.
This system is built to handle the demands of higher amperage welding.
See Specifications/Costs page. VERSA-TIG™ Systems are Made in the USA.

Dynasty® & Maxstar® are trademarks of Miller Electric Mfg Co.

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